Useful videos

I found a useful series of videos from Vimeo’s Video School. 


Useful titbits from the video:

ISO: – light sensitivity setting. Keep it as low as possible for the clearest looking image. Avoid using :125, 250, 500, 1000 <—TOO MUCH NOISE.   Ideal are 160, 320, 640, 1250, 2500.

White Balance:  Making the colours look natural, slightly warmer balance, not to take away what the sun is giving you.

Focus:  Making sure your images are always in focus / crisp. Use digital zoom in, get the focus you want and then come out.

Depth of field: how much of your image is in focus. Deeper depth of field = more things stay in focus. Narrow depth of field = only a small amount stays in focus, very hard to stay in focus but pretty shots.

Stable Shots:  Tripods/monopods are advisable.

Time lapse: To record a time lapse – an essential tool is the timer remote. (set camera in stills mode, attach remote and adjust setting, shoot in aperture priority when doing it over a long period of time i.e sunset etc.)

Controlled movement: count 10 seconds….start a gentle pan…wait another 10 seconds. Giving the editor 3 shots 2 static shots and one movement.

 I will be shooting a short film soon using a DSLR and I was unsure about how I would record audio on it, so this video cleared things up for me a bit.

Room Tone – the ‘silence’ recorded in a location when no dialogue is spoken, because of how it’s shaped/indoor or outdoor.

Ambience – overall background sounds of a space.


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