Skins Live: The Dawn of the Dual Screen Generation?

For the first time yesterday I participated in the dual screen viewing of a TV Soap. For the Skins Season Finale there was an online stream called ‘Skins Live’ it was a bizarre experience, watching the episode on the box set whilst watching the actors watching the same episode via a live stream. I’m not sure this advancement in technology is an uncomfortable intrusion into people’s lives and that TV alone won’t be enough for us. Does that mean to satisfy our TV cravings we will also need the company of our laptops and PCs? I’m well aware of the fact that television is designed for a passive audience but is this taking it a step too far?

That being said, the live Q&A allowed for followers of the show to get one last taste of this generation of actors before the show gathers together some more fresh meat for generation 4.

I thought the live Q&A was a great exhibition of the exciting things that can be done utilising social media and making TV a truly multi platform media.


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