21 Jump Street made me literally cry with laughter

 I haven’t enjoyed a comedy as much as I enjoyed 21 Jump Street in a long time.  Jonah Hill embraces his typecasting as he takes on the role of unpopular Schmidt, who joins a police academy where he becomes best friends with former High-school Jock Jenko, played by the dreamy Channing Tatum.

After the two policemen fail to read a drug dealer his miranda rights during a bust, the pair are reassigned to work for a specialty devision, 21 Jump Street. The assignment calls for the two cops to go undercover at a high school and stop the spread of a new synthetic drug after a teenagers death.  The pair live at Schmidt’s parents house whilst under cover as brothers. On their first day, as a previous popular kid, Jenko expects he’ll fit right in and infiltrate the group of popular kids but both Jenko and Schmidt are amazed when they see just how much High School has changed.  It is in fact, Schmidt who manages to fit in with the popular kids and develop feelings for one of the girls in the group and Jenko befriends three science geeks who teach him a thing or two and assist him in tapping a drug dealers phone.

Having helped develop the story with Michael Bacall, the film is injected with Hill’s usual crude humour. The film is full of unpredictable events and drug-induced insanity. As expected, when the pair are specifically told not to buy alcohol for any minors, that is exactly what they do. The pair throw a mad house party with extortionate amounts of alcohol and stolen confiscated weed.Although the events in the film are incredibly unrealistic, it was thoroughly enjoyably and I would recommend you all give it a viewing. (Also watch out as Mr Johnny Depp and Peter DeLuise, from the tv series the film is based on, make uncredited cameos towards the end of the film.) The ending was left very open and I am assuming there will be a 21 Jump Street sequel coming to cinemas soon!

I’d rate this film 9 out of 10! 


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