The Only Way is Birmingham…

The truth has been revealed regarding the Brummie spin off reality television show. There will not be an ‘Only Way is Birmingham’ series hitting our TV screens any time soon, it was simply a rather intricate publicity stunt to launch South & City College Birmingham.

They certainly succeeding in getting people to talk about the newly teamed up colleges. Billboards, busses, social media websites and even radio advertisements have been used to capture the attention of people around the country.

Surely the college should be applauded for employing such innovative techniques to make people aware of them but I for one am relieved that is no such show because the production quality of the show’s 11 second trailer was genuinely appalling. If there would have been a reality show about Birmingham made to a similar standard it would have been an embarrassment to everybody from the area. Being a broadcast student, I knew right away there was something fishy about the rumours, seeing as it was not being made by the same production company as ‘The Only Way is Essex’ they would not have been able to use the same name because of legal reasons. Also due to the poor quality of the production it would not have been able to meet broadcasting standards…


Documentary Diary: Dreams of a Life

Taking the advice given to me during the Second Light Documentary Lab, I decided to watch Carol Morley’s Docudrama, ‘Dreams of a Life’.

The film tells the tale of Joyce Carol Vincent, a londoner who died in her bedsit and remained there for three years, undiscovered. It begins with interviews with her long-lost friends and colleagues that narrate the story or Joyce’s life as the filmmakers begin to piece together this woman’s untold story. It was revealed that she was beautiful, popular and had three sisters, it is mind-boggling how her death went unnoticed. The re-enactments are haunting and the documentary is incredibly thought-provoking.

Progress Post: Telepresence

Things are looking up, we have already cast and done the majority of the paperwork for our short film. All that is left to do is make the final script revisions and get them out to the actors to familiarise themselves with their roles.

The audition process was something new to us all however we were happy with the turn out and some very talented people applied to be part of the production. After the auditions we were able to slightly adjust the characters because we were able to visualise them better after putting a face to the name.

The final cast and the Kristal Vision letters giving the actors the news.

The story went through several re-writes to make it tighter and easier to understand  in a short period of time. The initial underlying message dissolved somewhat because it’s quite a large topic to explore in just 10 minutes but I am happy with the final result.

The first story board..

Now we just have to prepare for next week’s shoots.

Inspiration: Noé and Manson…

After rewatching Gaspar Noé’s ‘Enter the Void’ I began to search the internet for interviews with the boundary pushing director. I stumbled upon one conducted by rock legend Marylin Manson in which they discussed what drives their art.

I reinforced my desire to produce films that make viewers question the world around them. Manson raised a very valid point, not to over think things or they will become contrived.

It is something I hope to keep in mind during the production of the single camera dramas we are starting to work on.

The Balcony Sessions…

This is the first acoustic session I filmed on location with fellow BOA student Matt Sheehan. It was a massive learning curve for me in terms of filming an artist without a crew behind me. The weather made it so much harder, as it made lighting an issue and we had to avoid the equipment and instruments getting wet. It took me a while to sort out the sound because we were filming on a balcony. Which meant we had lots of background noise from the city streets below. We overcame this by plugging the microphone and Matt’s guitar directly into the external microphone (Zoom H4n) and recording as a 4 Channel track. The video was shot on my new Canon 550D with an 18-55mm lens.

I’d like to thank Matt for his patience with me and it was a pleasure to work with somebody as talented as he is.

Check out the video.. any feedback is welcome.