Progress Post: Telepresence

Things are looking up, we have already cast and done the majority of the paperwork for our short film. All that is left to do is make the final script revisions and get them out to the actors to familiarise themselves with their roles.

The audition process was something new to us all however we were happy with the turn out and some very talented people applied to be part of the production. After the auditions we were able to slightly adjust the characters because we were able to visualise them better after putting a face to the name.

The final cast and the Kristal Vision letters giving the actors the news.

The story went through several re-writes to make it tighter and easier to understand  in a short period of time. The initial underlying message dissolved somewhat because it’s quite a large topic to explore in just 10 minutes but I am happy with the final result.

The first story board..

Now we just have to prepare for next week’s shoots.


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