The Only Way is Birmingham…

The truth has been revealed regarding the Brummie spin off reality television show. There will not be an ‘Only Way is Birmingham’ series hitting our TV screens any time soon, it was simply a rather intricate publicity stunt to launch South & City College Birmingham.

They certainly succeeding in getting people to talk about the newly teamed up colleges. Billboards, busses, social media websites and even radio advertisements have been used to capture the attention of people around the country.

Surely the college should be applauded for employing such innovative techniques to make people aware of them but I for one am relieved that is no such show because the production quality of the show’s 11 second trailer was genuinely appalling. If there would have been a reality show about Birmingham made to a similar standard it would have been an embarrassment to everybody from the area. Being a broadcast student, I knew right away there was something fishy about the rumours, seeing as it was not being made by the same production company as ‘The Only Way is Essex’ they would not have been able to use the same name because of legal reasons. Also due to the poor quality of the production it would not have been able to meet broadcasting standards…


One thought on “The Only Way is Birmingham…

  1. TOM

    you need me in the only way is brum !i no way round and a few peolpe n i am not shy and will do anything for a laff. pluse i do i work for a few clubs to 😛 so now were abouts cheers

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