An Update…

Over the summer I have been keeping myself busy with various new projects.


I have also been involved with the production of Poet Matt Windle’s second music video for his new track ‘Be The Day’ which will be launching later this month.  It was great working with Hayley, Rebecca, Matt and Felix again. Now I just cannot wait to see the final product.

The Telepresence team have also met to brainstorm about some minor changes we are going to make to the film. We have discussed using a voice over to lead the narrative through the film, it will give a deeper insight to the feelings and emotional change the protagonist experience throughout as well as reducing the number of scenes we need to rework.


2 thoughts on “An Update…

  1. Ollie

    Using narration is a very hard thing to do. If it isn’t done right, it’ll sound, gimmicky, amateur and, worst of all, expositional. Be sure that there’s a reason for the narration. Remember: show, don’t tell. Reworking scenes and rewriting scenes may be a pain (I know, oh lord how I know), but you may very well get a more solid flick for it.

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