BOA TV in the Capital.

Yesterday BOA TV was offered the opportunity to go down to London to film the Minister of State for Trade & Investment’s Keynote speech for a conference happening next Friday in Coventry. The Team drove to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office on King Charles Street to film Lord Green of Hurstpierpoint  followed by a tour of the gorgeous historic building located in the city centre! We are looking forward to filming the conference next Friday.

Update: On Friday 21st September the BOA TV crew went to Stoneleigh-Park to film the Chamber of Commerce Annual Business and Economic Conference. We set up three cameras in the main conference room, one at the back to get the wide shot and two on either side to get close ups and tracks of guest speakers. We also had a camera outside of the conference room which was used to conduct interviews with some of the day’s speakers such as Lord Digby Jones. The clip of Lord Green’s key note speech was shown and I was really proud of the high quality work the BOA TV produced.  It was a great opportunity for all of the BOA TV team and it taught us alot about multi-camera set ups.



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