Suzanne Virdee comes to BOA

We had Midlands Today’s Suzanne Virdee come in to BOA today to talk to us about Presenting and Journalism.  She spoke about how she went on to become a newsreader for the BBC. She decided to go the university-free route and worked for the Solihull Times after she completed her A-levels, she then switched to TV journalism when she worked for Central News. She stressed that it was exceedingly difficult to walk into a presenting job and that you have to work your way up from working as a researcher or runner.

Suzanne has had her fingers in many pies and she even tried her hand as a producing. Suzanne said that it helped her understand what goes into the more technical side of the productions. Since I am interested in journalism alongside production, it was great to speak to Suzanne after her presentation. She gave me some advice about interview techniques and overcoming nerves, to summarise she says as long as you do your research and listen to what the interviewee says your interview should be fine. The nerves never go away because it is always possible things may go wrong with live broadcasting but the key is to know what you are wanting to get from the interview, let your genuine interest in people shine through and keep focused. It has inspired me to look into written journalism in the future.


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