Lena Dunham’s ‘Girls’

Lena Dunham’s hit show has caused quite a stir worldwide. Although it is yet to be aired in the UK, critics are attacking Dunham claiming there are not enough P.O.C (people of colour) in her show. Yes, the series does follow a group of white, middle-class twenty-somethings but I struggle to use this as ammunition against Dunham’s comedy genius. It is her honest, ‘warts and all’ approach to her confessional drama that draws the viewers in and keeps the shows ratings high.

Shows like Friends, Sex and The City and even How I Met your Mother  lack diversity in their lead cast, why is it that ‘Girls’ is being picked on? It is obvious that Lena Dunham draws upon her own experiences when writing. She is, after all, a middle-class Jewish girl herself. She is simply writing about what she knows and from my point of view doing a very good job at it too.

The sex scenes in the show are a stark contrast to most featured in other TV shows. They aren’t  romanticised and often make for awkward viewing. We see regular girls handle all sorts of relationships, long-term, un-official, lesbian, the whole works. There was a real gap in the market for a show aimed at young women that isn’t a rom-com and I am glad Lena Dunham was the one to fill that void.

I really enjoyed the series, 8.5/10


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