Sack Sales on New Street: Vintage Fashion

Here it is, the finished VT for our Christmas Magazine Show, ‘Friday @ 2’. It will be used to accompany a live fashion piece, creating an outfit from  the vintage items purchased on the day.

Check it out: 

Director – Elizabeth-Valentina Sutton
Producer – Elizabeth-Valentina Sutton
Featuring – Lucy Jane, George Bartlett and Gary Poole
Camera Operator – Jake Barrett
Editor – Elizabeth-Valentina Sutton

Music – ‘Six Sticks’ by Halloween

With Thanks to Sack Sales on New Street and Gary Poole


Production Update: Sack Sales

Production has begun on BOA TV’s Christmas Magazine Show. We will be making a half hour show focusing on a range of topics including subjects like poverty and how those less fortunate spend the festive season aswell as more light hearted issues such as how to survive Christmas on a tight budget.

Yesterday the crew went into central Birmingham’s ‘Sack Sales on New Street’ to film a VT about vintage, affordable fashion. The store is great, allowing you to fill half a large bag with clothes for £5 or a full bag for £10. Two of the crew browsed through the clothes piles in the search for some vintage gems whilst we followed them with a camera we even managed to grab an interview with the shop’s manager.

Here’s a preview of what is to come….

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Tree Of Life..

With it’s out-of-this-world cinematography, deep philosophical meaning and a complex story line, Tree of Life may not be everybody’s cup of tea but if you are in the right mood and are willing to give your full attention to Terrence Malick’s masterpiece is an enjoyable watch which will leave a lasting impression on it’s audience.

Parts of the film are very ambiguous and it is left to the audience to find their own meaning in the beautifully shot, serene madness. Graham Young, who is a writer and film critic for the Birmingham Mail, gave us an introduction to the film, during which he explained that the director is nearly 70 years old and before he began his career in film, which had spanned over four decades now, he studied philosophy. This is incredibly apparent in ‘The Tree of Life’ as the protagonist, played by Sean Penn examines his life experiences as  he questions his faith.

It is an incredibly moving piece and I thoroughly enjoyed it. If you are looking for something a bit different from your usual Hollywood blockbuster, Malick’s Tree of Life is for you.

M&S: Challenging Prejudice this Christmas

This christmas, Marks & Spencer will be making history. The brand will be the first major high street brand in the UK to feature a model with a learning disability. Seb White, is a 4 year old boy with Down’s syndrome whose mother posted his picture on M&S’s Facebook page to make retailers rethink which models are used to sell children’s clothes. After an overwhelming response to the post, Seb will feature in this season’s catalogue and in the TV ad. I think it’s a great step towards breaking down some of the prejudice surrounding disability.

The TV advert will be shown for the first time on ITV1 on Wednesday.