Tree Of Life..

With it’s out-of-this-world cinematography, deep philosophical meaning and a complex story line, Tree of Life may not be everybody’s cup of tea but if you are in the right mood and are willing to give your full attention to Terrence Malick’s masterpiece is an enjoyable watch which will leave a lasting impression on it’s audience.

Parts of the film are very ambiguous and it is left to the audience to find their own meaning in the beautifully shot, serene madness. Graham Young, who is a writer and film critic for the Birmingham Mail, gave us an introduction to the film, during which he explained that the director is nearly 70 years old and before he began his career in film, which had spanned over four decades now, he studied philosophy. This is incredibly apparent in ‘The Tree of Life’ as the protagonist, played by Sean Penn examines his life experiences as  he questions his faith.

It is an incredibly moving piece and I thoroughly enjoyed it. If you are looking for something a bit different from your usual Hollywood blockbuster, Malick’s Tree of Life is for you.


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