TV Diary: Gadget Man (Series 2: Episode 6)

Gadget Man Series 2, Episode 6. Channel 4, Monday 7 October 2013, 20:30

Screen Shot 2013-10-09 at 21.49.29Richard Ayoade presents Gadget Man which looks at innovative gadgets from around the world. This episode focuses on tiny devices that can help utilise space better. All of these items were compared with appliances most of us have in our houses, the final challenge was fitting the contents of a home into a tiny box room.

As a lifestyle programme, it showcases cutting edge technologies available to simplify our lives. It captivates audiences with it’s entertaining dialogue between guests, fast paced editing and upbeat music. The prices and names of the gadgets appeared as graphics during the show, so as to not overload audiences with information in the voiceover (and avoid appearing similar to a teleshopping show). The camera would often show closeups of the items and their features as well as more generic cutaways. The close ups shots of Richard and his guest tend to have a short depth of field which makes the programme visually appealing.

Audiences are enticed by the vivid colours, light hearted narration, demonstrations and well known guests, Jimmy Carr in the case of this episode. Richard Ayoade makes the audience feel involved with the issue of wasting space in the home by using direct language, ie. ‘we can’ and ‘solve your problems’. He also uses slang to attract younger audiences.

Screen Shot 2013-10-09 at 21.51.21

The programme’s aim is to encourage viewers to feel amazed by the products and perhaps try some of them out for themselves. I think it does this very effectively, after watching this I would happily buy a microwavable espresso maker whether I need one or not.


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