TV Diary: This Morning

Tuesday 22nd October 2013 (10:30am), ITV

This Morning is a two hour daytime programme broadcast every weekday at 10:30am. The content of the show is quite varied, but is all tailored for the target audience. Daytime television is generally aimed at homemakers (women particularly) who have just dropped their children off at school and senior citizens. To appeal to this demographic the programme touches on issues that affect and interest them. An example from this episode is the interview with a headmistress who has banned parents smoking at school gates. Along with the topical items, there was a controversial cooking segment in which a guest on the show cooked road kill, a style piece with celebrity guests and news. At the very start of the show the presenters give a preview of the content coming up throughout the show to engage the viewers.

‘Liveness’ is something that is embraced by ‘This Morning’; there were two notable reminders of the unpredictable nature of live television. The first was right at the start of the show when one of the camera men dropped some change making a noise during the show’s introduction. The presenters, Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby handled the situation well using improvised jokes. The other instance was when Phillip had a coughing fit. This liveness engages the audience making them feel involved with show and the unfolding events.

The presenters also plea for audience participation via the hub. Viewers send their opinions to the show through social networks and the most interesting comments are read on the show. This is a common feature of live television shows. They use direct address throughout the show, which is another technique utilised by other programmes of a similar nature. The programme’s competition was mentioned before every advertisement break to entice the audience to enter for the chance to win prizes.


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