Evaluation of Presentation:    Swot Analysis
Strengths: I think our group managed to deal with the technical difficulties we experienced well and I think we mentioned everything in our presentation that was necessary. Also the presentation was visually interesting because of our use of presi. We tried to captivate our audience by including examples of adverts that inspired us. We also had to resort to our contingency plan, focusing on PRE-DI-TAH for our ad campaign rather than Richard Milford. Our production team had to swap artists because of complications contacting the RJMILLY.
Weaknesses: Our group did not manage to run through the pitch before presenting it to the rest of the class. We should have prepared a script that had what every member of the group was meant to say so we knew exactly where we were in the presentation and what was to come next.
Oppourtinitues: We were given extra time to adjust the presentation and due to questions the class asked we were able to cover what our geographical targets were for the ad campaign.
Threats: Our biggest threat was the failure of our original idea and having to swap very last minute. We only had four members of our production group present for the pitch we had an absentee due to illness. During the pitch technology was not particularly co-operative and that did set us back because we were expecting to rely on it heavily. 
Questions for evaluation focus group 
What did we prepare before the production? 
  • Equipment/Lighting/Costume/Green Screen?
  • Script?
  • The roles within the group?
  • Good casting choices
  • Quick thinking on our feet for back up plan
  • Good use of roles, and use of Interview on the day
  • Utilize people more
  • Organization of locations
–       TV studio-       Production Gallery

  • The Artist
–       Directorial issues

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