Out There Ads

Our Group will make an advertisement campaign centering Richard Milford, A.K.A RJMILLY (former X-factor contestant – nu vibe).


Link to my Webdoc for more information: http://www.webdoc.com/documents/C4FEBA1E-1340-0001-2D62-10CC51301D69

An example of a script that could be used to advertise an artist’s or band’s new album:

This is [insert artist/band name here]
with his/her/their incredible new album [insert album name here] 
featuring the massive hit single [insert single name here] 
[insert artist name here][insert album name here]OUT NOW’
Here are some of the advertisements I had a look at.
The first two follow a similar structure, the bed is one of the artist’s track, or a collection of tracks. Since we will only be advertising one of RJMilly’s tracks, we will only use one of his tracks. Over the top of the artist’s song a voice over artist says a few lines about the album or single, giving some information about it’s release date etc.. We plan to use a similar structure for our radio advertisement, because although these are commercials made for TV, they would still work without the visual and could easily be transferred to be aired on the radio.
The advert for Madonna’s Confessions on a Dance Floor CD is very different. It’s an animation in the style of her album cover so the audience will guess what it is advertising and since madonna is so well known, they can get away with the very short advert, only 12 seconds, and just show her name. Similarly to the first two advertisements though, the commercial still features her most popular song. Perhaps we can keep some elements of this advert in mind when we go onto making our own TV ad. 


As part of out advertisement campaign, we’ll be creating an Electronic Press Kit for RJMilly

  • About – Artist Bio
  • Press – Press coverage he’s received – including information about nuvibe/x factor
  • Media – include his audio photographs, videos, interviews
  • Events – any upcoming shows / events


Background:  Richard Milford, otherwise known as RJMilly is a former X-factor contestant. He was part of one of Tulisa Contostalos’s Groups, called Nu-Vibe. Since leaving the show he has been writing some solo music. There are a handful of former X-factor (or similar shows)contestants that have gone on to do great things.

For Example:

  • Leona Lewis
  • Alexandra Burke
  • Matt Cardle
  • JLS
  • Olly Murs
The Pitch:
Out There Ads plan to generate public awareness of RJMilly’s upcoming release of his solo single.  Since he still has a media buzz surrounding him, from the X-factor we believe now would be a great time to push him further into the limelight. We plan to do this by targeting a range of platforms.
  1. Online – We will produce an Electronic Press Kit for him. Which will include  a Biography,photographs, videos, audio clips, interviews, previous press coverage/ footage from the x-factor and upcoming events. Here is a link to our EPK http://www.wix.com/outthereads/richardmilford
  2. Radio – We will also produce a Radio Commercial for RJMilly. Stations this advertisement would be suitable for are, Capital fm, BRMB, BOA Radio.
  3. Television – As well as the radio advertisement, we will also make a Television commercial.
We plan to make both the television ad and the radio ad modern and factual. At some point we will need to bring Richard into college to record the commercials and to take photographs. Our deadline for completion is February 2012.
The target audience: RJMilly is an attractive young guy and will appeal to young girls and women and X-Factor/ Reality TV show fans. For this reason we would ideally have our advertisement played at Drive Times/ Rush Hour, times before and after school/college/work.


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