The Pitch / Proposal

The Pitch:
  • Producer: Elizabeth-Valentina Sutton
  • Director: KieshaNicole Hanson
  • Group Name: KAVASA ADS
  • Target Audience: Urban / Teenagers
  • Duration: 0:30
KAVA Ads plan to generate public awareness of Preditah’s new EP.  We plan to do this by targeting a range of platforms.
  1. Online – We will produce an Electronic Press Kit for him. Which will include  a Biography,photographs, videos, audio clips, interviews and upcoming events. Here is a link to our EPK
  2. Radio – We will also produce a Radio Commercial for Preditah. Stations this advertisement would be suitable for are, BBC Radio1, BBC 1Xtra and BOA Radio.
  3. Television – As well as the radio advertisement, we will also make a Television commercial.
We plan to make both the television ad and the radio ad urban and modern. At some point we will need to bring Preditah into college to record the commercials and to take photographs. Our deadline for completion is February 2012.
The target audience: Preditah Music is grime, which is currently a popular genre of music.  It would appeal to young teenagers and for this reason, we would play this advert evening/ nighttime so people can listen to it whilst getting ready.

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