Types of Advert

Types of Advert  (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Advertising)

Access-Agency is leading the way in the ‘offline brand experience’. Gone are the days of uninspiring, run of the mill print/TV ads, Offline Brand experiences that DEMAND consumer attention are all the range now. Here are some examples of Access-Agency’s work:

TV Adverts – Considered to be the most effective mass market advertising format, which is why they are so expensive. The purpose of TV adverts?They are maid to convey a message, which is usually to market a product.  Why are adverts shown on tv? Revenue generated by adverts provide a large portion of funding for the majority of privately owned TV networks.

Radio Adverts – Advertising via the medium of radio. They are broadcast as radio waves and airtime is purchased from a station or network. It has limitations because it’s restricted to sound.

Internet- form of promotion using the internet to deliver marketing messages/ attract customers. This can be done on search engine pages, banner ads, blogs,  social networking advertising, online classified advertising,  e-mail marketing (including email spam) and interstitial ads( when a web page is displayed before/after expected content)

Billboard – also known as hoarding in the UK, are large outdoor advertising structures usually found in areas with high traffic, so it can be seen by passing pedestrians and drivers.

Sponsorship companies can sponsor an event, activity, person or organisation by providing them with products or services. E.g Marlboro cigarettes sponsoring F1
Blimp –  sometimes known as a non-rigid airship, is a floating airship that can used as an advertising medium because it can have slogans, images and logos printed on the side.

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