The Skittles Touch Ad

This Skittles advert is a clever play on the story of the Midas Touch. The original slogan was ‘Taste the rainbow’ but they’ve incorporated one of the other senses too. In the conventional story everything the man touches turns to gold, whether that be a human or a inanimate object. For the advert, instead of gold everything turns to skittles. This comes with the implication that Skittles are as good as gold but it also provides an element of humour.  It’s an unusual concept for an advert which makes it memorable and would make people talk, if people talk the advertisement agency are doing their job because they want people to want to eat Skittles and make everybody remember about the sweets. 

Taking the television ad a step further, Skittles also released a series of semi-interactive viral adverts. Engaging the viewer getting them to place their index finger in a certain spot, to becomes part of various stories by literally touching the rainbow.   I think adverts like this mark the beginning of the end for traditional advertising. It’s bizarre videos like this that get people talking about their products, get people sharing the videos via social networks with their friends and also generally entertain audiences.  This particular viral campaign was produced by Canadian agency BBDO.


One thought on “The Skittles Touch Ad

  1. Alan

    I don’t understand the advert, how is a single object defined. If the magic only works on the object that he directly touches. What happens with an orange does a single segment turn into skittles or,the whole orange. If it’s the whole orange why doesn’t the woman, the floor and the whole universe turn into Skittles?

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