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  1. suhayliqbal

    Wolverhampton went up in flames around 12 o’clock this Wednesday! Over 100 firefights were called after the 116-year-old firm was engulfed in flames. The smoke could be seen from miles away!
    A total of 200 staff and 20 customers fled the building as police, fire and ambulance crew rushed to scene. By 12:30 the roof had collapsed, after gas canisters in the building exploded. Residents where warned to keep windows closed because of the toxic smoke.

  2. suhayliqbal

    Shocking news: in Huddersfield a young woman was buried alive by her finance.

    Amazingly she survived, escaping by digging her way out using her engagement ring.

  3. Rihanna £15,000 hair cut.

    Grammy award winner Rihanna recently spent £15k on a hair cut, after an unfortunate incident at a spa, which caused her hair to matte. Her assistants tried all sorts of solutions like using conditioner, but the state of her hair was so bad that didn’t work to sort out her matted main, she didn’t care about the price. Desperate times call for desperate measures, so
    Rihanna flew top hair stylist Ursula Stephen. on a first class flight from LA to over to London.

    Wizz Khalifa engaged to Amber Rose

    Well known rapper, Wizz Khalifa, has finally popped the question to successful model Amber Rose, on their first year anniversary of being together. The model Amber Rose, announced the good news on twitter saying “He made me the happiest woman in the World”. Say hello to Hip Hops new king and queen.

  4. Marie Eaton used to weigh 50 stone, more than her partner and her four children put together! Amazingly she managed to lose 31 stone by cutting out crisps, fizzy drinks and restricting herself to 800 kcals per day and says she is ‘loving life again’

  5. Festival script

    On to the festivals for this year, Wireless v festival & Lovebox
    WELL WHAT A YEAR? , kicking off with the Lovebox
    with amazing artists, including this years Chart topper Brit winner’s Lana Del Ray & Emeli Sande
    Underground artists such as Little Dragon, Crazy p, Damien Lazarus &Dubstep warriors Skream & Magnetic man and many many more
    go and check out the official lovebox website for more information on the artists dates and booking tickets.
    Okay next the one what everybody’s talking about
    especially today as the tickets are now on sale from 10am this morning.
    Can the line up get any better?
    Yes you guessed right, it’s the v festival
    From headliners such as:
    – The stone roses
    – Noel Gallagher
    – The Killers
    – Snow patrol
    To the big names of Nicki Minaj, David Guetta, Tinie Tempah
    even through to the legend that is The one and only Tom Jones.
    Go and check out the rest of the line up, more announcements about v fest soon up coming artists for the ever growing line up, tickets and booking fees at the
    official Vfestival website GRAB THE QUICK!!
    Last but certainly not least we are now on the festivals of all festivals
    “The Barclay Card Wireless Festival”
    At the capital of England LONDON TOWN AT HYDE PARK
    who isn’t going?
    with the est line up to date Huge names
    J Cole
    Rizzle kicks
    Wiz Khalifa
    Calvin Harris
    Again go check out there official site for more information

    So yes that’s the update for these years festivals on todays show
    why not go all of them?

  6. Cameron

    In movie news ‘Men In Black 3’ has recently released some screen shots, the suited up pair have split up and it’s up to J to jump back in time and prevent it from happening. It’s coming to screens May 25th. Also Peter Jackson has released the sixth video of him and his team setting up for the prequel in the ‘Lord Of The Rings’ series ‘the Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey’.
    During the Oscars ‘The Artist’ won an award for the best picture. The silent black and white films main actor picked up another Oscar for Actor In A Leading Role. Meryl Streep won an Oscar for her performance as Margret Thatcher. There was drama on the rep carpet when Sacha Baron Cohen dressed as his latest character, ‘The Dictator’. After he posed for photos he “accidentally” spilled Kim Jong-il’s ashes over the red carpet and Ryan Seacrest

  7. A 16 year old has been arrested on suspicion of man slaughter after he hit a fellow student on the head with a cricket ball in a playground brawl. The boy, kyle was taken to hospital where he died later that day. Condolences to his family.

  8. True or false bieber

    Here we will look at what is true or false about Justin bieber when it comes to his scandles and birthday.

    Justing bieber recived crazy birthday presents some pointless some he is very fortunate to have

    But who would want a wax figure of themselves? Well that’s exactly what he got a wax figure from madam twoswarods.

    He aslo recived a one million pound car from his manger live on the helen tv talk show. A present 18 year old only dream of having .

    Also rumours are being spread that he said he now that he finished with selina gomez over the pregnncy sandle he wants to a couger. This is false and not at all true

    He also recived a chain of fast food restaurants that enjoys eating at. And this was not a lie he might have to go on a diet if he now owns them.

    Bieber has not broke up with selina this was another rumour but the pregnancy scadnle was true

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