Box Films Productions

Our Group is going to make a short, 5 minute factual film about the affect Facebook has on our lives.

We had to get into groups of 6 and then come up with a production team name and build a production team blog.

1) Generate and Idea:Our group decided to research and produce a factual short film about the social network site that’s taking over the world, Facebook!

2) Research: We have done both Primary (see questionnaire at top of page) and Secondary Research for our production.

3) How to present the research and analysis: Primary: From our questionnaire we learnt that 86% of the people we asked said they’d be interested in a documentary about the darker side of Facebook. Nobody we asked said that Facebook had an exclusively negative effect on their lives, 30% said it has a positive effect on their lives and 58% said it had both a positive and negative effect on their lives, the remainder said Facebook did not effect their lives at all.  Surprisingly only 30% of our survey’s participants said they had been a victim of cyber bullying and 30% admitted to posting something nasty on someone’s Facebook page! 77% of the people we asked said changes could be made to Facebook to improve it.

Secondary research:  

  • 400million people on the site at any one time
  • Facebook currently has more than 800million active users
  • Facebook Addiction Disorder – A week without Facebook??
  • Chelsea’s story (Dan’s family friend)
  • 83% of children all over the world have made an online profile that is public to everybody
  • Cyber bullying is now one of the most common forms of abuse. Studies carried out by the  Anglia Ruskin University show that nearly one in five of young people in the UK have been a victim of cyber bullying.  – More girls than bus were affected.
How to deal with cyberbullying? (courtesy of ttp://
  • Report any form of Cyberbulling – can be done through CyberMentors or Childline
  • Never Reply / Retaliate
  • Block people who send you abusive messages or adjust your settings to prevent them from seeing your profile!
  • Keep a log of a the messages/posts/pictures/videos your receive or see. Print them off with the url and senders ID.
  • Don’t forward the messages/videos
  • If it happens repeatedly you should change your user ID/ nickname / profile
  • It is NEVER acceptable.

4) Develop your idea based on your findings: We thought our target audience, 13-24 year olds would find this interesting as they probably use it themselves on a day to day basis. So the aim for our short film is:to explore the darker side of Facebook, so people can protect themselves from the online dangers and improve the privacy of their profiles. Facebook currently has more than 800million active users and this number continues to grow.  Each day 50% of active users log in ( that is 400million people on the site at any one time!!) You don’t even have to be at home to log in and update your status. Mobile applications mean you can stay connected, whenever and where ever you are!

Some videos about what the world without Facebook could be like.

This video was made using a programme called XtraNormal, where, I learnt, you can create an avatar and make them talk for movies. Perhaps we could use an element of this in out film.

Another documentary that has been produced about F.A.D

As part of the documentary, I will be embanking on a whole week without Facebook. For some people this may not seem like a difficult task but I think I may have F.A.D – Facebook Addiction Disorder. I have the application on my phone and checking my Facebook page is the first thing I do when I get home.  I have no idea how I’ll manage; so I thought it will be an interesting experiment to see how I come. During the Week of Facebook isolation, I will be recording Vlogs and writing up on my blog about how I’m getting on. Stay tuned.

Update: I will no longer be embanking on a week of Facebook deprivation. Emma will now be doing it instead of me but the same basic structure applies.

5) Treatment and Synopsis / Proposal: 

Title: ‘Logged On’

Synopsis: Logged on is an exploration of the impact Facebook has on the younger generation of today.


Background: Facebook has revolutionised the way we communicate and stay in touch with our friends and family. It is hard to remember a world without the constant stream of status updates and notifications. 58% of the people we asked said that Facebook has both a positive and negative effect on their lives. Reasons Facebook negatively affects lives were:

  • Facebook is too personal
  • Hacking
  • Arguments can be sparked off on Facebook
  • It’s a platform for Cyber bullying
  • Facebook is really addictive
  • You can get random people adding you, that you don’t know
  • Explicit photographs can be added to profile and seen by all
Positive way Facebook effects our lives included:
  • You can keep in contact with old friend / family
  • You can meet new people
  • You can comment / Compliment friends
  • You can interact with people from all over the world
  • Some people have started romantic relationships online
  • It is great because it’s free, saves texts and phone calls
  • You can organise events online.

The Pitch: Box Films Productions plan to explore the affects Facebook has on our lives in a 5 minute documentary which will examine both the positive and negative impacts it has. We want to educate people about the darker side of Facebook so they can protect themselves and solely reap the positive benefits the social networking phenomenal provides. Cyber bullying is one of the more prominent negative features of the social networking site so we will be exploring this in more detail, looking at the poigniant story of Chelsea Clarke, who ended her life as a result of cyber bullying and our documentary will include an interview with her brother Ryan.  We will also touch on the recent story of Sharon O’Brien was it a set up or was it yet another tragic end to a cyber bullying story?  We will also be looking into what the world would be like without Facebook and the increasing number of people who are going into rehabilitation for Facebook Addiction Disorder. Are we logged on for too long?

The Target Audience: We thought our target audience, 13-24 year olds would find this interesting as they probably use it themselves on a day to day basis.

Call Sheet:

Script for Dan:‘Imagine a world without Facebook. Since it’s launch in 2004, the number of people using Facebook has exploded! Now, 1 in every 13 people on earth have a Facebook. Amazingly 1 in 6 workers used social media to get hired.  Users have uploaded pictures to photo albums, organise and boast about nights out and keep in touch with their mates, in fact 57% of people talk more online than they do in real life. Has the art of conversation been destroyed by the social networking phenomenon? Facebook is one of the main platforms used for Cyber bullying, in a world without Facebook would Cyber bullying even exist? A recent example of cyber bullying is Sharon O’Brien,  a young girl who posted a photograph of herself in her underwear onto her Facebook Profile and within a hour, the picture received over 7,000 likes and people from all over the world knew about it and posted hurtful comments. There was speculation that the picture was posted as part of an anti-bullying campaign however the spokesperson for the Anti-bullying alliance has denied this. There are also some more serious rumours, suggesting that like Chelsea’s story, Sharon O’Brien ended up taking her life. It just shows the sheer power Facebook has and the terrible effects of cyber bullying.’


5 thoughts on “Box Films Productions

  1. Kazi Munir Hasan

    FB should think positive, they need to make it safe & dicentralise their monitoring. they need to give us opprtunity to find new friends in our local area in a safe way

  2. daniel

    Unusual situation. I posted a phony paste up photo of a friend and lost his friendship forever. I had no idea he would react this way as i felt it was harmless and not realistic looking. Point: Maybe you don’t really know people? Who they are is locked inside and Facebook represents a new situation that many ppl were not ready for!!!!!!

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