Group Roles


  • Production manager:  Valentina (me)
What is the role of a Production manager? The production manager is responsible for the preparation of production schedules/ script breakdowns to confirm sufficient time has been allocated for all of the production process and keep track of the budget and schedule. In charge of the call sheets (when everybody is needed on which days) and the locations required and when.
They must ensure the production runs smoothly, the budget is kept and deadlines are met.
  • Director: Jake
What is the role of a Director? The principal creative artist on a movie set. A Director is usually (but not always) the driving artistic source behind the filming process, and communicates to actors the way that he/she would like a particular scene played. A Director’s duties might also include casting, script editing, shot selection, shot composition, and editing. Typically, a Director has complete artistic control over all aspects of the movie, but it is not uncommon for the Director to be bound by agreements with either a producer or a studio. In some large productions, a Director will delegate less important scenes to a second unit.
  • Camera Operator: Rumer
What is the role of a camera operator? Operate the camera during production.
  • Sound Operator: Dan

What is the role of a sound operator? Records the sound while filming, and any ambient sound that may be requiredor have been requested by the Sound Designer.

  • Talent: Emma and Jordan

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