Lana Del Rey – Born to die

Lana Del Rey – Born to Die.

Lana Dey Rey- real name Lizzie Grant has described herself as the ‘gangsta Nancy Sintatra’. Her channeling of the icon is apparent in her 60s styling and velvety smooth voice but with a little bit of an urban edge. The singer has created her own genre of music, which she calls ‘Hollywood Sadcore’, all of her songs are slow and moving. Because this is a new genre of music it is hard to find music videos to compare it to. I looked at videos created for her inspiration, Nancy Sinatra. The video from the 60s is just of Nancy singing her song ‘Bang Bang’ and looking typically glamourous. ‘Born to Die’ is similar in this sense because the majority of the shots are of Lana Del Rey in her throne and as narratives have become increasingly popular in pop music videos, it is unsurprising this video features cut aways to a story. Del Rey became known for her homemade videos, most popular being ‘Video Games’. The D.I.Y music video incredibly reached 500,000 before being banned earlier in January 2012.

Her official video for ‘Born To Die’ is a huge contrast to her previous low-budget ones. It’s directed by French musician  / music video director, Woodkid (nee Yoann Lemoine)The set is an absolutely beautiful gothic cathedral. In the centre of which Lana is sat on a large throne wearing a crown of flowers and a beautiful long white gown. Her make-up is done in a glamourous, vintage inspired fashion. Her large lips are emphasised with a rose-red colour (which sparked some controversy as to weather she has had some artificial enhancement ) and the tips of her nails are done with a similar colour in a style that is particularly fashionable right now.  On set she also has two large tigers either side of her throne, a symbol of power.

Lana’s love interest in the video is a very cute tattooed guy with stretchers in his ears, a popular look at the moment but emphasised her desired urban edge. Between shots of Lana in her throne, it cuts to a narrative. About a troubled relationship. It shows the couple’s passionate time together at the beginning. It then shows he gets somewhat forceful with her and she doesn’t seem as happy with him.

She whispers in his ear ‘We were born to die’ before we see Lana alone in her bed. He then appears in next to her as they have obviously rekindled there love. The couple are then seen in the car, kissing before cutting back to lana walking in a simple white down throughout the cathedral, in a almost ethereal way. The final chorus ‘We were born to die’ shows the couple have obviously been in a car crash and it shows the tattooed man holding a blood covered, floppy Lana Del Rey. I think this video is important because it gives an alternative interpretation of the song and it’s lyrics. It implies that rather than everyone being born to die at some point, it relates it to a troubled relationship, saying that if a relationship has problems it is destined to come to a end sooner or later.


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