Lady Gaga – Judas.

Notorious for her flamboyant attire and unique look, Lady Gaga’s music videos never fail to get people talking. Her songs are dance-pop/electro-pop. It follows some conventions featured in music videos of this genre, including dancers and unique clothing.

‘Judas’ is one of the artist’s pop songs, the video for it features lots of religious symbolism and sexuality, making it one of her more controversial music videos. The song is a metaphor, she uses ‘Judas’ the one who betrayed Jesus as a symbol of severe men in the past who betrayed her. The directors of ‘Judas’ were in fact Gaga herself and choreographer. MTV called the video ‘ambitious, stance, beautiful and deeply thought-provoking’. I personally disagree, I thought this video was verging on pretentiousand can understand how some deeply religious people could be offended. In the video Gaga is playing the role of Mary Magdalene, she described her character in it to be ‘beyond repentance’ .

She goes on a journey from good, riding on the motorcycle with Jesus, to bad being with Judas before she is stoned to death because he fails to save her. When Gaga falls in love with Judas it represents turning her back on Jesus’ selflessness.

Jesus can be seen wearing a crown of golden thorns and represents good and heaven, thorough out the video he is doing good deeds and healing people. The opposing character is Judas, who is shown as a womaniser and a drunk.

On the back of the bikers, who represent the 12 disciples, jackets are their names, Thomas, Judas and John are more prominent that the others.

The video shows a re-creation of Mary Magdalene washing Jesus’ feet however unlike the biblical story, Judas has his feet placed right next to Jesus’. This could suggest that they are equal, disciples would have less status than Jesus in reality.

Gaga can be seen wearing make up resembling the egyptian eye of horus, just another symbol that can be seen in the video.

God/Devil?One of the dancers can be seen wearing a shirt with the inverted pentacle symbol with hebrew script which is used to identify Lavey’s Church of Satan. The weapon seen in the video is called a Morning Star which is often a name given to both Jesus and Lucifer. I like the fact so much thought has been put into the production of this music video, this can be seen in the elaborate costume design, hidden religious symbolism,  warped interpretation of biblical stories that obviously needed a lot of research etc. However, I don’t think the digs at Christianity are called for to be honest. Gaga always plays things very close to the line and it can be disputed as to whether or not this video actually crossed the line.


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