Madonna- Human Nature.

Analysis of Madonna’s ‘Human Nature’

Madonna is known for music videos that often touch on the topics of female sexuality and male dominance. ‘Human Nature’ was just one out of a series of provocative videos Madonna has to her name, others include ‘Like a prayer’, ‘Justify My Love’ and ‘Like a Virgin’. This song was written as a response to the negative public reaction to Madonna’s previous album, Erotica and her book, Sex.   It was directed by Jean-Baptiste Mondino. The look for this video is ‘Latex and Leather’ supposedly to symbolize the constrictions of our society.  It was heavily inspired by comic artist, Eric Stanton. The Genre of the song is Pop ( and RnB). However the video doesn’t really comply with the conventions of a Pop Video.

The message of the song is the advocation sexual expression. Which is stressed with her repetition of ‘Express yourself, don’t repress yourself.’ She is also saying she is unapologetic about causing public controversy over the book she published and her previous ‘erotica’ album.  Saying it’s human nature to be sexual. ‘And I’m not sorry,
It’s human nature ‘ and there is nothing wrong with what she did and implies with that the public are being hypocritical with their complaints about her behaviour with her lyric ‘Oops, I didn’t know I couldn’t talk about you’ which says they do exactly the same.

The video is monochrome, the set is minimalistic, mostly empty and plain white. It’s second set is full of simple boxes in which dancers, dressed in black latex, similar to Madonna, getting into various contortions.   However, unlike most pop videos use bright colours, flashing lights and creative settings/backdrops. I really like this video because I think it’s simple but really effective, it was quite groundbreaking at the time swell, showing Madonna is an artist who isn’t afraid to push boundaries. It can be seen from responses to the video on YouTube that I’m not the only one with this opinion.


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