Mallory Knox- Oceans.

Link to analysis of Mallory Knox’s Oceans’:

Like many music videos made for rock music, the video for Mallory Knox’s ‘Oceans’ follows some conventions, such as deep/dark colours to create  gloomy, mysterious and edgy mood to the video. It features footage of the band performing and hand-held shots. The conventional props of a music video can be seen in the video, guitars/amps/drum kits and the band members are wearing dark clothes. Like many music videos for rock songs, there are low angle shots of the lead singer to show his importance in the band (dominance) which I like because it’s subtle but is a nice touch. The video is edited in time with the rhythm, this is often the case with rock music videos.

However, most Rock Music Videos haven’t got a narrative, where-as this one does, It is a mixture of performance and narrative featuring the band’s lead singer (who in music videos often appear to be an ideal self or ideal lover to the audience) in a tainted love story with a girl who appears to be soaking wet which ties in with the nautical theme of the song’s lyrics. I like the mixture of performance and narrative because it makes the video more visually interesting and makes the meaning behind the song clearer. When the singer drops his love interest’s necklace into the lake at the end, it could represent him letting go of their relationship.


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