How do we recieve/view music videos and How do producers reach their audiences?

People who make video have various different mediums they can reach their audience through.  Most people have mobile phones they can watch music videos on, so if the videos are made downloadable people will carry them around with them on their phones. Many phones have apps with which they can view music videos, producers can explore multi-platform formats (like we’ve seen for films and television shows) creating an application for the artist.

The band or artist can have a DVD with all of their music videos on, to be sold in music shops. Another way music videos are distributed are through music channels, like MTV and Kerrang!TV are constantly streaming music videos.Artists can load their videos onto a MySpace page or Facebook (or other social network site).

Enhanced CDs can contain music videos as well as the audio tracks.

Television shows such as RudeTube, air unusual and memorable videos in their shows. If there is something particulary special about the video or it has gone viral, it could be aired on there. YouTube, has revolutionised the Outputs of Music Videos.

We can also download Music Videos from iTunes


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