Codes and Conventions of Promotional/Corporate videos.

We broke into small groups to watch and analyse some corporate/promotional videos. Our task was to identify the style, look at the message of each video and then give a brief presentation to the rest of the class.

The next video we watched was the old promotional video for Orion Media. Despite it being a video promoting a radio station there was no voice over. The main focus of the video was Take That’s song, ‘Greatest Day’. The visuals were clips events they put on as well as generic clips from the local area. Most of the clips were close ups or sped up videos of cars driving, or people walking. On top of the images they put text saying ‘inspiring’ things like ‘we belong’ and ‘we bring people closer together’. The message is only shown in the text so for people who are visually impaired, this video wouldn’t be effective in the slightest.

We watched MediaDog’s corporate promotional video for ‘TableArt’ It’s purpose is to encourage people to use their lighting table centre pieces. It was a pretty conventional corporate video, with two interviews with the company directors with cutaways of their centrepieces. The shots they use are pretty interesting, they utilise a camera jib to give some great sweeping shots. They don’t just use the interviews straight, they switch between the two to give a detailed description of what they do, how they work and what people’s reaction to their work has been. Underneath the video, there is an audio bed to create more ambience.

We looked at a video for MCAC to raise awareness for testicular cancer. It is particularly effective because it tricks viewers into thinking they are going to watch a video of a very attractive model in her underwear. It is all done in black and white and is shot by world renowned photographer Rankin.  The short film reached over 3 million hits, which is spectacular because it means that the message for men to check themselves for any irregularities has had a really reach.  Rhian Sugden was used to captivate the viewer’s attention and ensure they will listen to what they need to know. The controversial name ‘Rhian touches herself’ is sure to get the attention of young men and cause quite a stir.

The last video we watched was Apple’s promotional video for their newest phone, the iPhone 5. It’s based on interviews with the designers and presidents discussing their aims and the new features of their new product. The visuals, to begin with, were fancy 360 shots of the phone whilst they discussed the new structure of it. Then it demonstrated the apps and uses, followed by an insight to the build up of the phone showing the motherboard and the chips inside the device. It then showed the machines making the iPhones. This video is effective because it shows everything the device has to offer and what goes into making them.


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