Who are the Chambers of Commerce?  The Chambers of Commerce are a worldwide networking enterprise for businesses. The BCC (British Chambers of Commerce) have been representing the business community and providing network for them for more than 150 years. It is also their job to lobby the government on behalf of the businesses, providing a voice for them that will be heard by the councils and the government.

How many businesses does the chamber represent?

The chamber represents more than 100,000 businesses across the United Kingdom through a network of 52 chambers

What is their mission? 

To make the Chambers of Commerce network an essential element of SMEs by sharing knowledge, expertise and opportunities. They also share connections and provide access to brand new innovations.

Why would a local business want to join the Chamber?

Local businesses can choose to be a member of the network and it provides them with a number of benefits, including having access to a strong campaigning voice with the interests of business at heart, support from the chamber as well as an ideal networking system. The members are also responsible for electing a board of directors who formulate the policies for the chamber and decide how the chamber will run.  The Chamber also provides help recruiting apprentices amongst other significant perks.

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How do you go about becoming a member? 

To become a member of the BCC you have to go through your local Chamber. I looked into my local Birmingham Chamber, application was as simple as filling out an online form!

What are the Key Services the Chamber of Commerce provide? 

Free legal advice, the chamber offer around the clock support on all business matters.

Listing on the Birmingham Chamber Group – if you are a member of the chamber you get free listing on their website that receives over a million views a year

International Trade Advice – the chamber offer access to advice about overseas trading.

Member to member offers/advertisement – members of the chamber have the opportunity to promote their services and goods to other members on the website.

Access to a voice – they lobby support and give your business a voice with the government.

An online business support package – is available for members to help with health and safety, business planning, book keeping and HR.

Discounts- discount rates for training courses and essential business support is offered to members.

Who sponsors the chamber?

The Chamber of Commerce have a number of sponsors, also known as ‘patrons’. They act as silent partners and provide an array of services such as financial assistance, advice and anything else that is needed. 

The ‘patrons’ include BT, E-on, National Express, Birmingham Airport, BCU and Jaguar Land Rover!

What is the structure of the Coventry and Warwickshire LEP?

From looking at each of the different areas using  I chose to pick BRIC-ITT as I feel it has the most to cover and International Business interests me.


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