Media Mogul – Rupert Murdoch

How does Media Mogul Rupert Murdoch affect our lives on a day to day basis?

Murdoch is the 38th Richest person in the US and ranked 117th Richest person in the world. He has a current net worth of $7.6billion. He is an incredibly clever individual who has his hands in many media pies. Including television (both cable and satellite), film, newspapers, magazines and book publishing. He even owns a baseball team. It is said Rupert Murdoch is one of the most powerful people in the English speaking democracies.

He owns 37% of the newspaper circulation and 40% of the world media, I tend to think this is not right. How can one man own almost half of the media? I am not the only person who thinks Murdoch has too much power, due to the recent phone hacking scandal people have started talking about his incredible media influence. I have posted a link about a radio interview with journalist Toby Young and Political Columnist Henry Porter. They discuss the matter.

He isn’t a politician but obtains more power in the media and economics than any politician or celebrity.

Murdoch’s Chronology 

1931: Born.

1953: Earned Oxford degree.

1960: Bought major Australian newspaper.

1968: Aquired News of the World

1969: Became publisher of The Sun.

1973:Purchased the San Antonio Express-News

1974: Became publisher of The Times & Sunday Times.

1976: Bought New York Post.

1985: Purchased the 20th Century Fox Movie Studio – responsible for bringing you Star Wars, Home alone, That 70’s show, The Simpsons, Malcom in the Middle, Die Hard and Family Guy, just to name a few!

1986: Purchased 6 tv stations owned by Metromedia and went on to launch Fox Television network with the purchased stations at the nucleus of the network.

1989: Launched Sky Television and Murdoch’s News Corporation acquired Harper Collins, Book Publishers.

1990: British Satellite Broadcasting and Sky joined together to form British Sky Broadcasting.

1996: FNC was launched. Other wise known as Fox News Channel, it has grown and become the dominant cable news network in the USA. However some critics has said that FNC promotes conservative political positions. I don’t think this is right, I think the public deserves to have news brought to them in a neutral and non bias form.

1997: Bought Los Angeles Dodgers baseball team.

2005: Bought Intermix Media Inc. (which holds MySpace, Imagine Games Network and other social networking sites).

2007: Purchased Dow Jones and Company ( an American Publising and financial information firm) from which he aquired The Wall Street Journal, Barron’s Magazine and the Far Eastern Economic Review and Smart Money.

 Charlie Brooker analyses Fox News on his show screen wipe.


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