Producer / Production Manager

 Production Manager: 

What is the production manager’s role? The production manager is a pivotal role in film production. They are responsible for running the production on behalf of the Producer/ Line Producer. It is also the role of the production manager to ensure the budget (which may involve negotiating rates of pay) is kept as well as controlling the materials, equipment and supplies.  They are expected to break down every page of the script and produce a schedule and budget. Risks assessments for locations are one of the tasks the production manager will have to do, and developing procedures to control the risks to heath and safety go hand in hand.

Skills/attributes the Production Manager should obtain? 

  • Hard working
  • Organisational / Administrative skills
  • Business orientated
  • Punctuality
  • Good Communication/negotiation Skills
  • Creative
  • Self motivated
  • Be able to win the confidence and respect of suppliers and crew.
  • Reliable
  • Can work to tight deadlines/ Scheduling
  • Have good contacts within the industry
  • Carry out risk assessments / be familiar with Health and Safety legislation/ insurance issues.
  • Clear Knowledge of Film Production
Necessary Skills required by a Producer


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