Dazed & Confused

Dazed & Confused is a British Style and lifestyle magazine founded by Rankin and Jefferson Hack in 1992. It covers topics including fashion, music, art, film and literature. The magazine also supports social causes, for example dealing with perceptions of beauty and disability, it also did a lot of work to raise awareness for the AIDS crisis throughout Africa. It did this by encouraging the public to submit artwork and support the (RED) initiative.When it began it was a black and white folded poster published infrequently it then moved onto full colour publishing and was promoted in the night clubs of London, where the magazine is based.

Hack and Rankin were a good team because Hack had an eve for emerging scenes and talent and Rankin had a growing reputation for celebrity portraits and creative graphic design, it was the perfect combination. Along side a brilliant fashion team the magazine’s reputation grew and the reputation attracted cover stars such as Björk, Jarvis Cocker and Thom Yorke.  Aswell as their print magazine, there is also Dazed Film & TV which began in 1999, it was the first production company to produce a mast-head tevelision broadcast, with a one hour special called Renegade TV gets Dazed (for channel 4).

Then in 2001, they launched a bi-annual luxury magazine called Another Magazine, followed by a second additional magazine called Another man, which was a fashion magazine for men.

In 2006, DazedDigital.com was launched. It was a web based strand of the magazine featuring items about fashion, film, music, arts news and online events.  By 2010, Dazed & Confused magazine has 205,000+ followers on twitter and 105,000+ likes on Facebook.

DazedTV.com launched in September 2010 as the new destination for video content. Short films and exclusive music videos produced by Dazed could be streamed on a computer.

In 2011, Dazed & Confused launched its first live festival in East London, it was called Dazed Live.

The magazine also has spread to Japan and Korea.


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