Maverick Television


  • Pick a media company
  • Look at the possibility of researching it
  • Present a short proposal as to why researching it would be a good idea
  • The company need not to be a huge conglomerate, if you want to do a small local company it’s fine
  • Over the next3/4 weeks, investigate your selected company and produce a presentation to deliver to the rest of the group on the 19th or 26th January 2012
  • Presentation can be in any following format, radio show/ video clip / power point / any other interactive presentation format.

I have decided to research Maverick Television, they are a television and multi platform, media production company.
I have chosen to find out more about Maverick Television because they have local offices, they are sponsors of BOA and I’m interested in television production. As well as local offices in Birmingham and in London.
In 2007, Maverick was bought by All3Media, which is a television production company was named the UK’s top independent producer in 2008 with a £241.6m turnover. All3Media is run by former ITV executives Steve Morrison, David Liddiment and Jules Burns.
Notable programmes Maverick Television have produced include
  • Embarrassing Bodies
  • 10 Years Younger
  • How to Look Good Naked
  • The Model Agency , all of which are made for channel 4.
  • My Super Sweet 16
  • Bizarre ER
  • Billy Connolly’s Route 66
It also has a multi-platform division and they are one of the leading multi platform producers in the UK. They make mobile content, games and applications, interactive video platforms and quizzes, just to name a few.
They have won three BAFTA awards, three Royal Television Society awards, a British Interactive Media Association award, a Broadcast Digital award and a Golden Twit. Recently, they have been nominated for an Emmy award.
Below is a picture featuring all of Maverick Television’s clients.
 Maverick Television’s Digital Media department are also in charge of managing major ongoing sites such as, Film4, 4Beauty, 4Homes, Food Hospital and Embarrassing Bodies for Channel 4. They also build and manage sites, applications and games for companies such as B&Q, Kelloggs,, Specsavers and NHS.
In my presentation I hope to cover a range of topics, including-
  • The background of the company including The people running Maverick Tv
  • The services Maverick deliver/offer
  • how you have had to adapt to the changes in the industry (your new media division for example and diversifying)
  • How the company is run
  • how it produces content
  • how the company is funded
  • expansion plans/history
  • a bit about routes into the industry (what would you recommend as progression routes into the industry).
  • what do you look for in possible employees

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