Questions & Profiles


  • What is your role at Maverick? (Ask to all) 
  • What was your route into the industry? (Ask to Toby and Mel)
  • Could you tell us about Maverick’s client base and previous productions? (Ask to Helen, Nick and Mel)
  • What facilities do you have at Maverick? (Donna)
  • Could you tell me about the History of Maverick TV (Helen, Jonnie)
  • Where does Maverick fit into the Media Sector (Helen, Jonnie)
  • Any advice for people hoping to join the industry? (Toby, Jonnie)


Jonnie Turpie – Director of Digital Media at Maverick TV – oversees development and innovation – works at both sites

Donna Mulvey-Jones – Head of Post Production – works with all of the production teams to design work flows, oversee the internal post facilities swell as outsourcing any post facilities – works at both sites

Helen Jenks – Production Executive Digital Media and Multiplatform – admin including schedules, budgets, contracts and staffing

Toby Nutter – Technical Assistant – Assists the facilities department and the post production department – maintains kit and sets up kits for crew – preps edit.

Mel Smith – Researcher – casting, looking after talent – setting up shoots – finding locations



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