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  •  Top Story, Today’s top story, ’14 year old Pakistani girl is shot for blogging about life under the Taliban’.
  •  Menu  Also coming up ‘Jimmy Saville’s grave stone is removed in Scarborough and An elderly couple unknowingly growing a huge cannabis plant in their garden. A teenage boy is left with severe injuries after being hit with a Lorry’s wing mirror. Kerouac’s beat novel hits the big screen and a man is taken into custody after posting offensive Facebook messages about April Jones’ 
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Top Story: ‘A 14 year old girl from Pakistan was shot in the head by the Taliban after writing on her blog against Islam.’

Interview: Ask a few people their views of the shooting

‘She was successfully operated on in the early hours of the morning after the left portion of her brain started swelling.’

Story 2:  Sir Jimmy Saville’s £4,000 tombstone was removed from his gravesite in Scarborough to pay respect to his suspected victims.

Story 3: An elderly couple in Bedford have accidentally been growing a huge cannabis plant in their back garden after they bought what they though was a garden shrub from a car boot sale. The couple are facing no legal action but their plant was confiscated.

Interview: What is your favourite costume from a film?

Story 4: This autumn the V&A will explore the role of clothes in cinema as its Hollywood Costume Exhibition kicks off next week and will feature iconic costumes from including Dorothy’s Pinafore from the Wizard of Oz and Jack Sparrow’s get up in Pirates of the Caribbean.

Story 5: Matthew Wood was taken into custody for posting offensive Facebook messages about missing 5 year old April Jones. After finding sexual jokes about April on the Sikipedia website, the 19 year old thought he would share them with his friends online.

Interview: Do you think being sentenced for sharing a sick  joke is fair?

Share your views on twitter using the hashtag #BOARADIO


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