Revolutionary Interactive media?

Interactive media has had a HUGE impact on the way we receive media texts.

Youtube, iPlayer, 4od have brought people to the web to watch their favourite programmes and music videos and taken them away from their tv screens. Instead of watching films in the cinema or on a DVD people can now ‘rent’ films online!

Extra footage, behind the scenes clips and teasers can be posted on YouTube. This helps generate public awareness and create a stronger fan base for films and tv shows.

(   YouTube is a truly extraordinary site with over ,100 million clips watched via YouTube every day the power it has in incredible! One of the many features that makes the site so  extraordinary is  ‘Playlists’. The feature allows users to create multiple video playlists, this was really revolutionary. I love the playlist feature on Youtube because I have arranged all my favourite videos into different categories, music, acoustic/live music, interviews, inspirational clips, trailers, workout videos. All I have to do is select the playlist and it’s there. People have playlists for parties and nights out to get them in the right mood too.

4od and iPlayer are perfect for busy tv fans, it doesn’t matter if they miss their favourite show because they can catch up when they have the time. No need to worry about recording it, it’s there for them online.

When I interviewed Nick Lockey from Maverick he spoke about the importance of diversifying television production companies to provide multimedia content too. (insert video clip here)


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