^This is the magazine show we produced, Friday @ 2. We created a show focusing on entertainment, fashion, news and big issues effecting everyone around the Christmas period. It was the first full length show we pulled off and we are proud of the results but it was definitely a learning experience. The hiccups we came across have taught us what to do to improve our productions in the future. I am very proud of the VTs I produced for the show, being forced to create content so quickly meant we had to be incredibly pro active and work under pressure.

^ This is a multi-camera live music performance and interview with Birmingham based band Friday Club. They perform two original songs, ‘All I wanna Do’ and ‘Tropical’.

Pros and Cons of the Multi-Camera Set Up: 

Multi-Camera Setups are used to film live events (e.g. sports and concerts), game shows, chat shows and studio dramas. Unlike single camera production, multi-camera set ups involve several cameras which record footage simultaneously. The flow of action isn’t interrupted during multi-camera productions.

There are a number of advantages to using multiple cameras. One of these reasons is that the crew get better coverage of the action. Using just one camera you wouldn’t get enough footage because you would have to stop and start again after each shot. Another reason is that because you can have more camera angles to swap between the viewer’s full attention will be held. Multi-camera production also tends to be quicker, time is saved during production and post-production because the complexity of continuity issues are reduced. Productions that use a multi camera set up are completely based on schedules and timings and their set up is very often the same, very formulaic. The story telling is relatively easy. You just need to work out exactly what you are going to do and portray in your production during pre-production, for example before the shot has been taken the cameras position should already have been decided.

When you watch ‘live’ broadcasts, they are generally pre-recorded. They are filmed ‘as live’, reviewed, the necessary changes are made and then it is broadcast. If something has to be broadcast live, there is generally a buffer, so an edit can be made if necessary.

Examples of TV Shows filmed using a multi camera set up are:

  • The Big Bang Theory
  • Friends
  • How I Met Your Mother
  • Alan Carr’s Chatty Man
  • Sports Coverage

There are also disadvantages to the multi-cam set up. The equipment will take longer to set up and the location used is less believable than a real location but to try to make it seem more realistic, Mise-en-scene is important to the atmosphere you are trying to portray to your audience. Generally the aesthetic of a multi camera set up isn’t as good as a single camera drama, this is because the set cannot be changed once filming has begun.



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