Project: BRIC-ITT Corporate Video

Aim: To make a 5 minute promotional video for the chamber of commerce looking at its BRIC-ITT section. I have chosen to do this because I want to develop my own and other people’s understanding of International Trade.  I believe international trade could really help our economy in today’s climate.

Target Audience: My target audience is young people looking to start careers in business and trade internationally but I don’t want it to alienate a broader audience. The reason I chose to target the corporate video to young people was because they are the future. I see them as potential future businessmen and women and they need to be informed about the BRIC markets and the services BRIC-ITT provide, if they know about it they can consider it as a possible career choice.

Skills I will develop: I wish to further develop my production management skills, more experience working on schedules and budgeting will help with this. I also want to tighten up my editing skills as I hope to use Avid for the online edit.

Initial Ideas:  I hope to make it appeal to appeal to this demographic by using bright-ish colours, upbeat music and emphasise how easy it is to utilise the services BRIC-ITT provide. I might make some reference to social media, since BRIC-ITT are developing an online presence. I was planning to have the video led by interviews with important figures from the organisation such as Lidia Bombin but I feared young people wouldn’t be as responsive. Having a peer present the video might make them engage with BRIC-ITT more. I hope to start and end the video with a graphic title sequence and film cut aways of people working, people using the website/e-course/playing the game and the building in which it is based.  I aim to answer a number of questions in my video. The first is ‘What is BRIC-ITT?‘ mentioning their role in helping businesses and that they are an organisation within the chamber of commerce. Then ‘What do BRIC-ITT offer?‘ The services they provide and what you can find on their website. Then ‘What are the BRIC markets?‘ in this section I wish to give explain which countries are in the BRIC markets and how they can positively impact businesses.

Research: I did both primary and secondary research. For my primary research I created a questionnaire using Google Docs and I sent it around using social network sites. I asked 50 people (between the ages of 15 and 25) questions about the chamber and international business. I also headed to the Birmingham chamber to collect some leaflets and additional information about the chamber itself and what it has to offer its members. I also found some videos made for other international chambers. This was helpful because it helped me get a clearer understanding of what the client would be looking for. I also watched some videos of CW Chamber chair talking about the role of the chamber and how it is organised. This was good to see how she acts in an interview situation and the kind of answers I can expect from her. My main secondary research consisted of browsing through the BRIC-ITT website and the Chamber of Commerce site. This gave me a great overview of the organisation and their services. To help develop my understanding of the BRIC theory I watched video conferences and speeches about the BRIC economies.

Media Form and Resources: I will film my project using JVC GYHM 750e . I will then edit the footage using Adobe Premiere Pro for the offline edit and aim to use Avid for my online edit. When complete I will export the final copy as an .MPEG to be loaded onto Youtube, a Flash File for their website and a hard copy in the form of a DVD. Any interviews/conversations I have will be recorded. I hope to record the voice overs in the radio studio or using one of colleges recorders. Cut aways, I want to film at the Coventry Chamber and at BOA (using the E-learning course, the site and the game).


  • Director/Producer – Myself
  • Camera Op – Jake Barratt  (contingency: Cameron)
  • Production Assistant – Kiesha Hanson (contingency: Suhayl)
  • Sound Operator – Dan Guest  (contingency: Jamie)

I chose the crew because I know we work well together, take direction well and they are good at what they do. I have also arranged a contingency crew in case any of the original crew cannot make it.

Time Scale: Overview of schedule. I will finish my research by the end of October and begin work on my pitch. I aim to finish the pre-production before the end of November. I want to shoot before we break up for christmas then complete the whole project by March 2013.


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