The RACC. is commercial radio’s advertising body, funded by commercial radio stations who pay copy clearance fees and it’s part of the RadioCentre. It was set up in a response to the commercial radio industry’s wish to establish it’s own advertising clearance body.

What are the objectives of RACC?  

  • To clear radio ad scripts carefully and consistently
  • To get radio ads on-air quickly and within the code rules
  • To provide RACC. users with useful but firm advice
  • To explain why a script breaches the BCAP code and assist in amending it to bring it to apply with the Code rules
  • To conduct open debates on RACC script clearance decisions and policies
  • To keep RACC users informed of the BCAP code, legislative and regulatory matters that affect radio copy.
  • To ensure commercial radio has a voice in matters affecting advertising.

Listening Figures:

Who are RAJAR? The Radio Joint Audience Research Limited. An organisation (founded in 1992)that operates a ‘single audience measurement system for the radio industry’. The Company is owned by the RadioCenter, the trade body representing commercial radio stations, and the BBC. It currently measures over 300 individual stations, including 55 BBC stations. RAJAR, publishes results every quarter, for every station.  http://www.rajar.co.uk/listening/quarterly_listening.php

Listening Figures Investigation Results: There are 51,951,00 people in the United Kingdom and Radio Reaches 47,137,00 of those people.  This means 91% of the population listens to the radio.My Favourite Radio Station is Kerrang! 105.2 (Birmingham Local), it has 373,00 listeners. The entire Kerrang! UK stations, have 1,390,000 listeners.BBC Radio 1, reaches 11,850,000 people which is 23% of all people who listen to the radio.Capital Birmingham (previously Galaxy) has 467,000 listeners. ClassicFM has 5,388,000 listeners, which is 10% of the reach percent. BBC West Midlands, has 2,268,000 people populating the area, of which 239,000 listen to the station.

Ofcom  Ofcom are responsible for making sure no harmful or offensive music videos are broadcast before the watershed, to protect under eighteens from material that is unsuitable for them. They also ensure no explicit language is broadcast before the watershed.

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