Skills Development:

Notes from ‘Making Media’ BBC 2:

How to make a 3 minute film: 

  • Do background research
  • Meet subject of your film and ask lots of questions / get to know your main character
  • What is the key story? beginning middle and the end
  • Formulate shooting script – one side audio  / other side basic video structure
  • Write Shooting Script.  Make a shot / question list
  • Think about composition; frame each shot well.
  • Tripod to hold the camera steady / lock off the shot.
  • Film different shots
  1. wide
  2. face close up
  3. hands close up
  4. extra shot
  5. over the shoulder,
  • Use different angles, high angle? low angle?
  • Hold each shot for at least 10 seconds

How to shoot a music video:

  • Listen to the track – get to know the track
  • Come up with visual ideas
  • -Most music videos are shot in just one day-
  • Find a good location.
  • Film whole song in close up AND then wide shot.
  • Panning is a nice touch
  • Track using a wheelchair – smooth shot.
  • Arms length filming – used for rap / grime
  • ‘Lock off a shot’

How to conduct an interview:

  • Prepare questions in advance
  • Ask open ended questions
  • Unprepared
  • Know what you want to get out of the interview
  • Pay attention to the interviewee
  • Eye contact and really listen
  • Try not to fidget
  • Don’t speak over the interviewee
  • Hold the mic close to the person
  • find a quiet place
  • pause the interview for a moment if there is too much noise

How to edit a film trailer: 

  • Most conform to certain conventions (think about these conventions)
  • Edit your best shots together
  • Use captions to tell your story or voice over! – try title flies to make them more dynamic!
  • Choose appropriate music for the genre
  • SFX for added effect
  • Special effects on pictures – easy one is the fade to black to create emotion.
  • Try slow motion

How to edit a film:

  • Go through all the rushes (log them – write down the time code)
  • Cut all of your best shots together – to find them easily
  • logging – write down what an interviewee says. noting anything important/ strong.
  • re-arrange the information in the best way possible, structure it on paper.
  • Edit the interview clips first, according to what you planned
  • less is more: The first edit is always to long, you will need to cut certain bits out.
  • Find the visual images which will work best with the words said in the interview.

How to build a website:

  • What is the concept?
  • Define your audience and keep them in mind
  • Check out he competition
  • Think of the name & check the domain is available
  • Gather together your content
  • Decide what your pages are
  • Choose colour pallet and Fonts.
  • Choose a blogging site.  – choose a template then customise it
  • Link the new site facebook or twitter

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