Matt Windle – The Poet with a Punch

Title: Matt Windle: Poet with a Punch.

I hope to produce a lighthearted documentary about an inspirational local character which would be targeted towards teenagers, particularly male.

Character: Matt Windle is a very interesting and inspiring character. He was Birmingham’s Poet Laureate for 2007-2008. He is also an amateur boxing champion, musician and teaches poetry to others. Matt is going to be the olympic torch bearer for the London 2012 olympics.

Stylistic features?:

  • Use animation to demonstrate the boxing win. Make is colourful and appeal to younger teens as well as an older audience.
  • Filmed on a DSLR camera – handheld to enhance the films intimate feel.
  • Matt’s music could be used.
  • Matt’s poetry juxtaposed along side his victories.
  • Perhaps use archive footage from his family.
  • Distribute using social media campfire technique.
  • Have Matt Narrate his own story.

Perhaps apply for festivals with it and apply for crowd funding…


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