Types of Documentary

There are several different types of documentary and a number of hybrids out there and when producing your documentary you need to decide which style is most suited for your subject matter..

  • Fly on the wall (best for picking up on minute details and not putting people on the spot – it is very useful as a research tool)
  • Genre Docs (Arts/Music/History – they are informative and educational – typically less exciting as a film maker)
  • Drama Docs (Often consist of reenactments – people are cast to be in the documentary)
  • Observational Docs  (e.g – a day in the life of …)
  • Spoof Docs (e.g – Blair Witch Project)
  • Presenter Led Docs (need a very strong presenter such as Brian Cox or Louis Theroux)
  • BioPic (about a specific person – all about their life)
  • Video Diaries (personal reflections to camera, not used massively but can be a powerful tool used to engage audiences)
  • Docusoap (Scripted Reality)

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