Task 1: Controversy in digital media

There have always been games, videos and songs that have caused controversy in the media. Parents have often raised their concerns about the levels of violence in video games and how it is effecting their children. Violence is not the only reason games have stirred some controversy. Religious groups have complained about some games because they go against the fundamental ideologies of their religions.

When Spore was released it was labeled as an anti-Christian game because it is based on Dawrin’s theory of evolution. Christian groups called the game ‘bad news’ claiming it goes against their values. The creators of the game however defended Spore. I think it is unjust to say the game should be banned because it is based on a theory. The game is not promoting the theory in anyway. It is just using a bit of creative license to create a well made and entertaining game with a clever concept.

The religious groups even have a thing against the adorable pokemon characters. The cute, cuddly and non-offensive digital characters have been likened to devils, who are kept in pokeball ‘cages’ and trained to do their keeper’s will, like slaves. I think this idea is absolutely absurd. If anything the pokemon are more like pets than demons. They also had similar objections related to the evolution ideas used in the game. For example Bulbasaur evolves into Ivysaur and then into Venusaur.

Deee Lite were a quirky 90s dance music group,  Fronted by Kierin Kirby. Now what relevance would Deee Lite possibly have with digital media controversy?? Well Space Channel 5 was one of the first video games that was music based and the gameplay was dance related. When it was released in 2000, Kierin Kirby sued the creaters of the game for basing character Ulala, on her without her consent. Kirby did not win the case but there is an uncanny likeness between the two of them. The singer owes Sega ocer $600,000!! That hardly seems fair. http://www.heavytargets.com/category/rights-of-publicity/


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