GTA: San Andreas

Grand Theft Auto- San Andreas caused a lot of controversy. Surprising though, it wasn’t over the exceedingly violent game play. People complained about the ‘hot coffee mode’ that the developers made but didn’t include in the final game. It involved graphic sex simulations with your ‘girlfriend’ in the game.
The content was deemed too provocative to include in the game, but as word spread about the game’s hidden content, those sneaky hackers set to work and managed to create a patch that would reveal the game’s original material. It was available to download online.
 The strange thing about GTA controversy is that beating a prostitute to death after having sex with her is deemed acceptable but the perfectly legal act of sexual intercourse, with someone you are in a relationship with in the game, was considered too controversial! The game was rereleased without the code which stopped hackers finding the game’s secret sexual content. 

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