ShadowMan: 2econd Coming

They say there is no such thing as bad publicity but did Acclaim take it a step too far? The company found themselves in some controversy when they released details of a shocking advertisement campaign for their PS2 game Shadowman 2. The advertisement was the first ever gravestone ad campaign.’

As a ‘reward’ for going ahead with the ‘deadvertising’ and giving up the tombstone as advertising space, The company promised a cash reward to relatives of the recently deceased. The campaign was targeted at poorer families.

People considered this to be a new low for games advertising and the public was truly outraged and disgusted. Religious groups said it was highly disrespectful to the bereaved.

To be honest, I think games companies should start thinking of new and innovative ways to advertise their products but more along the lines of what Access-advertisement works for, rather than shocking and unsavoury ‘deadvertising’ campaigns. Acclaim, you took it a step to far. The company were forced not to go through with the idea and in the end claimed it was simply a joke…you have to give Acclaim their dues though, it certainly got people talking!


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