So, it’s all well and good coming up with a fantastic concept / script but who is going to commission it?

It all starts with the commissioner putting their commissioning briefs out there in periodicals, online or through their commissioning editors. In this you will get a feel for the kind of programme they are looking for. It will help you in the developmental process and make sure you’r idea fits

It all starts off with an idea, then you will develop this idea further and write a 1/2 page treatment of it and send this off to the commissioning editor.  If the treatment catches their attention it will lead to an interview. Then your idea will either be dismissed or be given the green light.  If it’s approved it will be put into production.

You’ll have to put a film crew together and sort out a cast. You’ll have about 1/3 or 1/2 of the overall budget to begin with. The producer must organise the money, it has to pay everyone’s pay cheque, for the locations, for hiring equipment and all of the other expenses. As a producer you can expect to receive between 10%-12.5% of this budget as your wage and roughly 10% should be reserved for the contingency plan. The remaining money will be provided on completion.


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