Commission idea

Okay, so to help myself understand the commissioning process I’m going to go through the motions with an idea for a new show I will ‘pitch’ to a commissioning editor.

First I need to pick a a genre I want to target. There are a number to choose from:

  • Arts
  • Comedy
  • Creative Diversity
  • Daytime
  • Documentaries
  • Drama
  • Education
  • Features / Factual Entertainment
  • Film4
  • News & Current Affairs
  • Off Peak
  • Online
  • Specialist Factual
  • Sport / Paralympic
  • T4 & Music

I’ve decided to come up with the idea for a daytime television show. Which will be targeted at women who are homemakers and a bit fed up with the fashion makeover shows or instructional cooking programmes. The ideal time slot would be after they’ve finished watching their Richard and Judy’s and they’re looking at something a bit different.

The basic idea is exploring extraordinary things that happen to ordinary people. On the Channel 4 site they say they are looking for a show that can be stripped across the week. This could be done quite easily with this idea. A couple of stories a day? I’d be looking at a 30 minute programme so it doesn’t come to monotonous and keeps the audience’s concentration. The presented could be an unknown OR a known talent.

The commissioning/ Development Editors I would have to send my treatment to are David Sayers, Sagina Shabaya and Alexandra Bowley.


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