Developing Script Ideas

Premise  is the Basic Idea summarised in 1 or 2 sentences  for commissioners/ to inform the audience / press releases/ sales studios and funders.

There should be a verb and a noun. Character and what their action/need is. There can also be a circus or marquee value – big bucks or special effects value it can even play on the fact someone is getting nude. Or a high concept film.

An example: Lord of the Rings – Midgets return lost property

Treatment – Two types of treatment –( A: communication goals & content and narrative, budget and resources, who your audience is etc – maybe include your schedule.)- you will write this for your assignments. Or (B: Narrative treatment. This is when you basically take your premise and expand it into a full length story. Include details of the characters, locations and the action that takes place. It is detailed scene by scene.) The treatment is helpful for the writer, spot plot holes, stop dipping into cliche and making sure the story works.
Process & Theories – Block out how many acts your will have = 3 Acts. John Truby, he breaks down these scenes further, this will ensure all the films work. 22 steps to make a screen play work.  He also has a 7 steps to short films. Software: Celltx, final draft. Adobe story = all formatting software, it helps you arrange it. Other Software, blockbuster by Truby (22 Steps), dramatica pro (World can be divided up into..) = these work on the authors theories of how screenplays work. Four different types of story. Individual, Global, , Local and of the mind.  The problem with this is that it is easy to come up with bog standard, generic scripts but that said, the majority of hollywood screenplays go through with these softwares.



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