How do we choose which movie we will watch?

There are a number of variables that may influence whether or not we go to watch a film in the cinema. To help understand how we can get our target audiences into those cinema seats, we had a class discussion about what helps us decide which film to watch.

  • The Cast/ Crew – This includes the leading men and ladies aswell as those big shot producers, directors, studios and screen writers. A well known cast and crew are more likely to sell tickets. 
  • The Genre / Cinema Age – Some people are hardcore horror fans, others tend to be enticed by romantic comedies so Genre can be a deciding factor for an audience. 
  • Trailer – If the trailer looks good people will want to go and see what the whole feature film is like. This is why they often give away all the best bits of the movie in the trailer. 
  • Reviews / Synopsis Many people will read reviews of the film in magazines or online. If the film receives a higher rating, more people are likely to see it. 
  • Original Source – The inspiration for the film can be anything from a novel, play, video game, children’s toy or real life story. If people know about the original source and are a fan of it they are likely to want to go and see the film based on it on the silver screen. 

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