Single Camera Drama – Unit 22


  • 1995 shot in France.
  • 4 characters living in Paris, dealing with everyday racism.
  • Imagery used in intro – how it sets up the story:
  • The earth being hit by a Meteor – fire
  • Car on fire – Police man – Cage – Protests/March -Adding security to their vehicles
  • Police . smoke – Riots – Robbing / Looting –
  • News Archive footage makes audiences feel connected and it seems real.
  • Realist Style.

Realist films try to connect with the commonalities of everyday life.

Eastenders: Phill and Grant Fight:

  • One of the most viewed episodes of the decade.
  • How do you keep up momentum? Cliffhangers? New Characters? Bring back old Characters?
  • Simple shots
  • Hand Held for emotional impact – immediacy.
  • We know the subtext
  • No diogetic music.

Pulp Fiction: 

  • non linear
  • lul-you into a false sense of security
  • Camera stays absolutely still
  • Great script – means you don’t need fancy camera work.


Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid

  • -Trapped in a hut
  • -Surrounded by 50 men
  • – I thought we were in trouble then
  • – We know they are going to die but maybe some miracle happened
  • -An open ending.. we know the reality of the situation is that they are going to die.
  • -Maintain a sense of realism without the happy ending


  • Anti-realist film
  • Magical Realism film
  • A bit like pans labyrinth

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